At the 2017 Autumn Fairs, the larder pull-out featured in the exhibitions more than ever before. No wonder: A kitchen cabinet with these fittings uses the storage space optimally with a smaller footprint. It provides an unobstructed view of all the stored goods and easy access to every item of food and utensil inside, because the interior comes out of the cabinet carcase fully when it is opened.

“Dispensa” from Kesseböhmer makes the tried and tested principle from the pharmacy accessible to kitchen users. In the 30 or 40 cm width with a fixed or height-adjustable frame, the pull-out which can be loaded with up to 100 kilograms and only needs a footprint of 0.15 m2, suits almost any kitchen. Since its introduction in the 1980s, Kesseböhmer has constantly improved the “Dispensa” and brought it up to date with sophisticated, maintenance-free features. It offers kitchen users fitting features which suit any budget and personal taste.

Flexible and aesthetic on the inside

The trays in the “Dispensa” are height adjustable and the “Dekoline” version even uses intermediate levels. They can therefore be adjusted anytime to suit the size of the stored goods and are easy to clean. The customer has a choice of the new enclosed “Arena pure” trays, “Arena classic” trays with classic round wire railing surround, the “Arena style” trays, which are surrounded by a narrow metal strip, “Arena vario” with glass sides, wire bases or the freely positionable “YouboXx” storage boxes in various shapes, sizes and colours (white, anthracite and gold silk).

The new “Arena pure” tray fits in with modern, linear yet homely kitchen architecture and minimalistic frame design. The 55 mm tall metal surround accentuated with a narrow groove all the way round is available – like all the other trays – with a powder coated finish. The contemporary anthracite shade emphasises the clean lines of the tray especially well.

On the new, optional “Dispensa edition” fitting, the reverse of the support frame is clad in wood – colour, pattern and surface can be coordinated with the manufacturer’s CI. A view of the open pull-out therefore conveys a calm, uniform look.

“Synchromatic”: patented and maintenance-free

The “SoftSTOPPpro” damping mechanism exclusively developed by Kesseböhmer not only softens the movement when the fully laden pull-out is closed but also when it is opened. This reduces the noise level in the kitchen and protects the stored items from being shaken. A triple segmented “Synchromatic” rail ensures that the kitchen cabinet always closes itself fully and neatly even when it is used frequently. Kesseböhmer also offers an electric version of this system in a retrofitting package.

Assembly: quick and in real time

By simplifying and significantly reducing the number of components, Kesseböhmer was able to reduce the assembly time for the “Dispensa” larder pull-out by 68%. The so-called “real time” adjustment is seen as a “non plus ultra” at Kesseböhmer when it comes to time saving. The tool-free “ClickFixx” assembly and simple adjustment using a small wheel are still available as optional.

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