Award-winning interior organisation

Organisation meets lifestyle in the flexible, systematic drawer and pull-out organisation system, ‘FineLine MosaiQ’. Not only does it create a convenient place for storing cutlery, it also provides a home for everything that needs to be kept close at hand – all stylishly arranged in a sophisticated wood finish.
Drawers and pull-outs can be customised to suit exact requirements in just a few steps, with optional add-on accessories including foil holders, spice racks and knife inserts. This system has seen Dahlinghausen-based Kesseböhmer presented with yet another German Design Award.

The effects of a well-organised and sophisticated-looking kitchen cabinet interior can be seen repeatedly over the course of a day: every time a pull-out is extended or a drawer is opened, in fact. ‘FineLine MosaiQ’ is a comprehensive, modular system made of premium-quality wood with metallic accessories to create a bespoke interior layout that not only looks the part but is also functional. What’s more, it can even be retrofitted to existing kitchens at any time. The product is even set to be granted a “Special Mention” in the German Design Award 2019. With this prestigious international prize, the German Design Council aims to “discover, showcase and reward unique design trends”.

The ‘FineLine MosaiQ’ is characterised in particular by its exceptional flexibility in practical applications and its ability to organise storage space inside pull-outs and drawers of all shapes and sizes. The dimensions of the various inserts, boxes and partition elements are perfectly coordinated to fit every frame and can therefore be used in ranges from any manufacturer in a wide range of different combinations.

The widths of the wooden inserts are flexible to adjust, making them suitable for use anywhere. The standard depth is 472 mm, although this can be extended to 479 mm using a 7 mm adapter. What’s more, a depth extension of 150 mm can even create a new compartment for extra-deep drawers. Elements can be added, offset or taken away, giving customers the option to organise and reorganise their drawers and pull-outs at any time to suit changing needs and usage.

Fine-tuning for drawers and pull-outs

The various functional inserts on offer – including knife blocks, spice racks and foil holders – are designed to keep everything well organised and ensure that essential utensils are always close at hand. The wooden boxes come complete with finger holes at the sides for easy removal. The graphite-black metal dividers and stabilising cross inserts serve as accents to break up the interior design from a visual perspective.

Then, of course, there is the high level of precision and premium-quality workmanship that ensure that the inspiring ‘FineLine MosaiQ’ equipment is both functional and aesthetically pleasing in equal measure. Every last element features an elegant style with a pared-back look and sleek, slimline profiles and inserts. American oak and black-stained ash are the wood types of choice at the heart of this sophisticated aesthetic. This is what makes the ‘FineLine MosaiQ’ really appeal to the design language of contemporary kitchens. The product has already won the Red Dot Award back in 2017, which was presented by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen.

More recently, Kesseböhmer was named a ‘Winner’ of a coveted German Design Award for its ‘Dispensa Junior III’, the small larder system for base units.

German Design Award

Every year since 2012, the German Design Award recognises submissions demonstrating top-class product and communication design, all of which are considered groundbreaking within the international design landscape. It is one of the most prestigious design competitions in the world and enjoys a fantastic reputation that extends far beyond professional circles. As part of its complex nomination process, only the products whose design quality clearly sets them apart from the competition are invited to participate.