The pantry in your pocket

Anyone who is out and about a lot, plans a party with friends or the evening meal at short notice or only realises that their shopping list is incomplete when they have arrived at the shops would give a lot to be able to take a look in their fridge and larder on the spot – regardless of where they are or what time it is.
The SmartDevice technology from Liebherr-Hausgeräte makes it possible. It doesn’t just let your fridge/freezer help you think but also your store cupboards too.

At the IFA from 31 August to 5 September 2018 in Berlin, Liebherr-Hausgeräte showed for the first time in Germany how refrigerators and freezers become active partners in a clever food management system side by side with the “Tandem” larder from Kesseböhmer, Bad Essen. The whole cabinet interior automatically moves in front of the body of the cabinet when the door of the “Tandem” is opened. This larder therefore offers a clear all-round view of and direct access to the items stored in it. And great emphasis is placed on storage space even in the door shelf – just like its “doubles” partner, the refrigerator, demonstrates.

One idea – two units

A principle of organisation that has been tried and tested a million times over, the link between cabinet and door shelf and the simple one-handed operation bring the fridge and “Tandem” larder together symbiotically as one unit. SmartDevice technology lends the whole thing a smart shell. The user can view the inside of the units at any time and place using modular integrated cameras. Kesseböhmer has developed special camera brackets specifically for the TANDEM, which is particularly suitable as a smart home fitting with its neatly arranged interior.

Combined with the SmartDevice app, the contents of the units can be detected via a tablet or smartphone. Checking with the camera thus creates the conditions to be able to compare an inventory with a database and to create or update shopping lists. Even whole recipes can be integrated into the food management system.

SmartDevice works as individually as its user. Personal profiles help vegetarians or people with food intolerances, for example. Moreover, the technology prevents duplicate purchases and reduces food waste. And it saves time and money. Links to other recipe providers and food delivery services complement the system.

With this concept, Kesseböhmer is once again making its mark as an expert in terms of modern food storage. Thanks to cooperation with Liebherr, the company is not just delivering recipe ideas via smartphone but also passing on useful knowledge about the careful storage of different types of foodstuffs as well as the use of storage space.

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