Anyone wanting to pick up or show off the latest trends for the next two years in the kitchen industry goes to the EuroCucina fair in Milan. Anything displayed here has potential for the future. Creative concepts and designs were once again exhibited at the 2018 edition. Kesseböhmer’s topical “Trendreport EuroCucina 2018/2019” is an unbiased documentation of them. The furniture fittings from Bad Essen are already playing a key role in the kitchen of the future.

Solid, matte black and anthracite coloured front panels dominate the kitchen environment. Metal shelves used by kitchen manufacturers to create open and weightless wall units are likewise kept in anthracite and are integrated into a living area with a hint of the industrial style. Clever storage ideas create generous, neat orderliness. Intelligent features are being integrated into the smart kitchen concept, giving the user sight of their stored goods regardless of place or time Interiors are still in neutral black too and can be customised using various insert modules, usually made from high-quality wood or purist metal and wire. And naturalness is playing a role everywhere – be it the materials, the surface structure, colour or pattern.

Trend Report EuroCucina

Kesseböhmer’s topical “Trendreport EuroCucina 2018/2019” is an unbiased documentation of creative concepts and designs from EuroCucina. Photo: Kesseböhmer

Die EuroCucina 2018 hat der Küchenwelt neue Impulse verliehen. Mit dem Blick für vielversprechende Trends hat Kesseböhmer sie mit der Kamera ein­gefangen. Die großformatigen Bilder laden ein, sich inspirieren zu lassen, und sie informieren über aktuelle Entwicklungen zu den Themen Küchenarchitek­tur, Materialien, Farben, Dekoration, Ausstattung und Stauraumnutzung. De­zent und doch mittendrin finden sich die Beschläge, die schon jetzt die Trends abbilden. Kesseböhmers „Trendreport EuroCucina 2018/2019“ bietet zahlrei­che Gesprächsgrundlagen, wenn im Dialog mit der Küchenindustrie und dem Handel neue Ideen und gemeinsamen Lösungen entstehen.

If you want to be on trend you have to be quick – not just to develop trendsetting products but also to let customers, the retail trade and kitchen users benefit from the variety of new possibilities. Trendreport online is ready for you to download.