The goal of the ICONIC AWARDS: Innovative Interior is to identify and recognise the very best from all areas of interior design. The competition is aimed at all companies in the furniture industry and their partners in interior design and decoration. The ICONIC AWARDS: Innovative Interior pursues a holistic design approach. Furniture, lighting and fittings are no longer regarded merely as solo items, but as design elements within a holistic setting. The result is landscaped interiors designed down to the last detail, which offer their inhabitants the best-possible atmosphere and individual expression.

About the presentation of the ICONIC AWARDS: Innovative Interior is decided by an independent expert jury. The jury is made up of representatives from the fields of design, retail and the media. The awards are presented by the German Design Council. Its awards honour relevant contemporary developments as well as special creative achievements and boast an excellent international reputation.

The verdict of the jury this time: tRACK represents innovation, modularity and individuality in shelving systems.

IconicAward 2019 TRACK Detail Connector Chrom 2